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sgjwork.com is a website that archives my works. I’m SeongGu-Jeon Seoul-based graphic designer. I prefer work in a way that communicates with people with basic shapes and minimal visual language.


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            Bodré is a Psychological and Mental Health Care Service that using wearable technology. Today, the wearable market is growing rapidly, especially among millennials, the need for professional health care has gradually been found around watch devices. In line with this, wearable sensing technology has become increasingly capable of measuring professional information beyond simple tracking and aggregation.

            According to the survey, the biggest health problem for millennials was psychological and mental health instability. According to the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service in 2019, the number of patients in their 20s and 30s who are treated for panic, anxiety and depression was significantly higher than that of other generations. So I'm proposing Bodré to use wearable sensing technology to manage and promote the mental and mental health of millennials.

            After analyzing symptoms of psychological anxiety and depression, we checked if they could be detected using wearable technology. Four major symptoms were detected using wearable and AI technologies.

            Bodré means "soften" in Korean. It represents the purpose of the service to soften people’s mind and relax them. In addition, I wanted to establish an overall service identity by adopting a smooth and unobtrusive expression of the contents of services that are difficult to express abstract and objective, such as psychological and mental health.

            The primary method of data visualization in the Bodre service is the use of gradient. To express the abstract concept of psychological health in data, it delivers intuitive health status to users with fluctuating gradient expression methods, colors, and facial icons. The more green it is, the better it is, and the stronger the red, the more problematic it is. Also, we designed the mental state, which is frequently changed and difficult to predict, to be subdivided into metaphorical expressions that compare with the weather so that users do not feel psychologically burdened.

            Bodré is developed through the link between mobile and watch. Watch can perform heart rate, blood oxygen saturation sensor, sleep measurements, and meal information can be collected through mobile AI cameras. Users can check their current state of mind and mental health on mobile and watch. Visual devices, such as more greenish or reddish color, can recognize the self at a glance.

            The Service flow detects and notifies you of data-based anomalies. The user is aware of his or her psychological state by checking it from time to time. This is an important step in how to protect your psychological health. Link Bodreman's mitigation methods to recognize and mitigate your condition.
The four measured information provides a brief overview of the current state of the mobile app home screen and what users need to be aware of.

            When the user clicks each sensor information on the home screen, the user links the detailed description with the user's status and recommended content. These contents consist of content recommended by service partners, psychologists and mental health professionals. Furthermore, I wanted to reduce the burden on users by organizing short and concise contents beyond heavy and difficult psychological and mental health contents such as heart specialists, yoga and meditation trainers.

          Watch content is relatively shorter than what you see on your mobile. Considering the user experience of recommending short contents at work or school from time to time according to pop-up or user's status, it is organized around short contents within 5 minutes. Also, we included contents focused on mobility, such as programs for meditation on the way to work or work. The overall watch screen was in line with visual identities of Bodré.

            Bodré is designed as a subscription service. The Bodré kit, which regularly ships professional and easy content configurations of experts in each field and items that can be done effectively, enables users to maintain a consistent subscription. As the content includes meditation, home-stretching, and a specialist's short psychological management tips, the Bodré Kit consists of items that can create synergy when used with these contents.
            For users with sleep disorders, evening meditation content and sleep-inducing herbal aroma-flavored products are delivered every two weeks, while for users with headaches, contents that match the user's condition, such as evening stretching content and banding products that help them, and configurations that can help them are delivered every two weeks. These bodre kits not only prevent users from leaving service, but also help make the service more optimal.

The key emphasis in the Bodré service is that it soften your mind. This is also applied to the use of typefaces. I wanted to use ink trap typeface to reflect the character of ink and indirectly convey the soft, round impression through Sandol Round typeface.