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sgjwork.com is a website that archives my works. I’m SeongGu-Jeon Seoul-based graphic designer. I prefer work in a way that communicates with people with basic shapes and minimal visual language.


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Sept 1

            The project, called Sept, is a concept project that reconsidered auto and transportation issues and proposes a future traffic problem mitigation and a better future car experience.
            First of all, research has shown that cars are private spaces, so ownership rather than rent has led to a steady increase in vehicles, causing a number of traffic problems. In the future, however, transportation problems are expected to be alleviated with city-style small cars that share mobility rather than ownership and fully autonomous driving technology (a technology that does not require drivers due to the three- or four-stage autonomous driving tech). Eventually, in the future, "Small mobility that shares when necessary and drives on its own" will soon emerge as an alternative to future traffic problems.

             However, I thought it is important to save people's existing independent car experience, no matter how much they share the vehicle itself. So I wanted to save the independent car experience by proposing a custom mode that shares the vehicle and the necessary information but is separate from each passenger. So, I decided on the important concept of sept as "Separate but together" with the name of the brand here, I named it sept.

           Because the concept is sharing a vehicle together but separately, I developed a typeface only for the brand as it has a unique concept. Although the elements are separated from each other, the typeface was developed based on the stencil font that creates meaning when gathered. This typeface is used throughout branding applications such as vehicles, advertisements, and papers. Sept's logo was highlighted by the ‘2’ instead of ‘S’ because it was built for small mobility for 2 passengers.

            I wanted to express the concept more fun way. The addition of passengers from one to two, but the economic cost is eliminated, and the experience between passengers can be multiplied by each other's synergies, or divided by each other, is applied to branding and used as a promotional and branding element. The promotional phrase "1 plus 1 equals sept" and "1 divided by 2 equals sept" also embodies the concept. “Two passengers riding together”, “But the experience of a car can be divided into two”. People are familiar with this mathematical logic however, its result is different with expected. So at the same time, it is easy to remember.