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sgjwork.com is a website that archives my works. I’m SeongGu-Jeon Seoul-based graphic designer. I prefer work in a way that communicates with people with basic shapes and minimal visual language.


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Sept 2

            As part of the Sept project, it is UIUX that proposes a future needed car experience. I expected traffic problems to ease in the future with urban-style small cars sharing mobility rather than possession, and fully autonomous driving technology (a technology that does not require drivers with three to four levels of autonomous driving). Eventually, in the future, "Small mobility that shares when necessary and drives on its own" will soon emerge as an alternative to future traffic problems.

          To effectively apply the concept of separation but together in UIUX, a long display is proposed that passengers can use it in conjunction with passengers and can be shared or separated as necessary. Passengers can be operated through touch and knob interactions. I excluded voice interaction, considering it's a shared vehicle. So, as a result, one long display is designed to be operated on each side by the user, but the information in the center is shared. It is a large screen, but it is a structure divided into three parts in detail.

          The information in the middle can be shared with passengers. There are four types of information that can be shared: the current location of the vehicle, the arrival and time remaining for each passenger, the current vehicle speed and traffic conditions, and finally, the seat and temperature inside the vehicle.

            In addition to the information we share, I also wanted to save our independent automotive experience through a separate, customized mode for each passenger.
            Mainly within a car, people suggest Play, Organize and Relax modes based on these three main car experiences to play, work or sleep. Each passenger can select the desired mode individually. You can turn Knob around and choose what you want to do in your car, or you can just tap.

            First of all, Play Mode is a mode that allows passengers to play while consuming content they want. You can watch movies, enjoy a variety of contents such as music, games, and the contents from mobile. Also user accounts are automatically linked, depending on the person on board.

Organize mode helps passengers with productive work. Check the schedule or file to prepare for the meeting or to receive alarms that fail to check. It also provides daily information to commuters every morning by providing headline news.

            Lastly, Relax mode is a mode chosen when passengers want to relax and move to their destination. You can adjust the seat and turn on the private alarm. This alarm is a kind of reminder not to disturb other passengers. If this is activated, an alert will appear on the other person's screen and the screen synchronization will stop, turning it into a space for passengers only. In addition, the airport has set up a device for independent space, such as curtains or blinds that can physically separate space with passengers on board.

            In addition to isolating the experience within the vehicle, I also propose ways to combine it into one and create greater synergies. If passengers are friends or lovers on board, they can share contents with each other on a single screen or enjoy various contents such as movies and games.