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sgjwork.com is a website that archives my works. I’m SeongGu-Jeon Seoul-based graphic designer. I prefer work in a way that communicates with people with basic shapes and minimal visual language.


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Steady 1

            It's a project that helps people to learn constantly. Based on the research results, the project derived the combination of online and offline, getting people know the reason and result of learning, and the connection of users within the service as important Insight.
            In other words, the experience of mobile services was more physically extended than confined within them, further offline and showing the reasons for learning and the consequences of learning. It also gives you the experience of sharing and learning together through connections between users. So, it was arranged to eventually lead to "learning that doesn't give up halfway.". That’s why I called it, “Steady”

            Steady service is about learning a foreign language. It highlights the better way to learn language and suggest better methods through technology. To melt these key features into branding, I wanted to use a pencil as a graphic motif and underline them with a highlighter and a text box as a design element.

            By saying, "Let's study" in different languages, Steady tries to recognize it as a learning service. The pencil's shims, text boxes and underlines were used to promote as well as branding elements. These factors have also been added to the GUI to imprint the overall atmosphere of the service on people.

            Since Steady is a mobile-centric service, the branding shown on mobile was also important. Therefore, the proper use of these elements in the function and context of the service played an important role in the design of UIUX.

            In addition, one of the important functions of the service is the AI speaker function. In order to show this, I used pencil-shim, which was a graphic motif, and produced a graphic related to AI speakers, using the existing uniformity.